We license AI software throughout the L2-L4 autonomous driving stack: perception, intent modeling, path planning and vehicle control.


Highest accuracy perception and intent prediction, leading to safer autonomous driving systems.


Unsupervised learning and mathematical modeling, instead of supervised learning, allows learning from huge datasets.


Our technologies are up to several orders of magnitude more capital-efficient, enabling much lower cost of development.

Full Scene Semantic Segmentation

Lidar-Vision Fusion

Helm.ai full scene vision based semantic segmentation fused with Lidar SLAM output from Ouster.

Botts Dots & Faded Lane Markings

Rain Lane Detection Corner Cases

Navigating Highway

L2+ autonomous driving with Helm.ai across highway 280 to 92 to 101. Lane keeping + ACC Lane changes.

Pedestrian Segmentation and Keypoint Detection

Helm.ai pedestrian segmentation, with key-point prediction.